I am better than my reputation

"I have never seen an ass who talked like a human being, but I have met many human beings who talked like asses." H. Heine
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haha on no nooo I live here nooooo don’t„„anyways yeah it has recordings of some of the inmates and staff reflecting on stuff,so it tells you to walk to spot A, turn and look at the cell and then the former occupant starts talking about their stay

That sounds like an interesting concept. 

The audio tour in Versailles is pretty funny when you’re German or French, because when you reach the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ it’s like:

"And now we’re standing in the Hall of Mirrors, where the German Empire was declared in 1871 *cough*, BUT WHAT’S MORE IMPORTANT IS THAT THIS IS THE PLACE WHERE THE THREATY OF VERSAILLES WAS SIGNED! 

Ah… Franco-German relationships… I ship you so hard

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